I love my new hair color

I love my new hair color

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  • simsimi M 77 Baggy pants edit
  • simsimi M adidas t-shirts

Model : Parker + Albi + Sion + Ian



Some more Wicked Hearts spam, with added shameless self promotion friendly reminder that, if you want, you can still support them at Simatography’s Battle of the Bands with your vote! ^___^ The poll can be found here or here 8)



I took some screenshots of AOT using new 3D maneuver gear objects made by Bucket. Levi & Mikasa, I call them “High bone density duo”.

3D Maneuver Gear(Deco-Objects) by BKT(Bucket)

Clothing by sakurasims, shatsai, Wall by lunasimslulamai (LunaSimsLulamai)

Thank you! :D




Ok so a new season is comin soon FALL so why not deck out my sims in some fall clothes and look who wanted to play too Kizzandra by socks-sims-antics

On Kizzandra

Hair  Sweater  Jeans  Boots  Scarf

On Minsuh

Hair  Sweater  Shoes  Socks  Hat


Click for captions and HQ.



Dolph & Krissy

Sexy Sets

At Dolph : Hat, Shirt, Jeans, Boots

At Krissy :Jacket, Shorts at EA, Converse


Treasure Hunter AU: Release Your Demons.

Having grown increasingly obsessed with an ancient artifact rumoured to imbue its holder with near divine power; a rogue adventurer sets out to claim the prize… (click for captions & HQ)


Gotta enjoy the last moments of summer. ;-) ☼

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Forever love

Forever love

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Ayano Tateyama |YOUNG ADULT|

Here she is. I wouldn’t say her outfit completely is “spot-on”, but hey. It’s close enough right? She’s gonna actually be my first sim upload, so let’s hope this works with no problems!

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