ohevers shared some unedited screenshots, and I had some fun messing with them in Photoshop, so here is one.


ohevers shared some unedited screenshots, and I had some fun messing with them in Photoshop, so here is one.

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Goodnight ♥

Gorge 💕

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I think this is the happiest they’ve all been since falling into the financial rut. And now that Granny is living with them, their financial situation is starting to look up. Speaking up Granny, Gwen tried one of her Appletini’s for the first time. Think it was a bit too strong for her 


Could you link me the song 'kanashi' from your music player cuz i think i'm in love ;^;
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Hi sweetie<3 I’m sorry late reply

かなしみのなみにおぼれる by ぱなまん

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Aomine Daiki's Character Development tho (ノಥДಥ)ノ*:・゚✧
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Hi, WCIF the winged beats headphones in your "the drifter" picture?
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Hello anony^-^,sorry that not my post, is by Simstrocity

but I can find this acc, here you go

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The Sims 3 “Cavallo” hair style.

For Allage and both genders. Enjoy~ :D

Thank you for model’s clothing by Weeky, ShojoAngel, and bukovka. And Thank you for Cazy's technical advice!

[Download page]

Omg perfect ❤️❤️❤️



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 With girlfriend


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The drifter.

Love it:-)

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Nisuki’s Sims 3; Forever Follow ~
If you’re in this list, it’s probably one or more of these reasons:
1. I adore your cc
2. I like your posts/blog 
3. You’re an amazing person 
There’s no particular order. I started at the first blog I followed and so on~ 

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Keep doing what you do! If it’s writing, creating, or having fun, just keep it up. I’m secretly watching you~ and my male sim, Saul too. Haha.. ha.. ~ 
Have an awesome day. (。’▽’。)♡

Thank you so much sweetie:-)

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